DAVOR JORDANOVSKI has always known music would be his life; indeed, from his earliest recollection, it was his only choice. Fortunately, he was able to seriously pursue this path at the University of Music Arts (Saints Kiril & Metodij University) in Skopje. And while mostmusicians learn their trade by first listening to rock’n’roll records and then joining rock bands, DAVOR honed his already impressive skills in a full-blown 150-piece symphonic orchestra. By the time he was in his teens, he was already the featured keyboard player with Macedonian National TV network’s Big Band Orchestra, writing, arranging, performing and playing for some of the biggest and best-known musical acts in the country.

This exceptional opportunity was not wasted on this extraordinary musician who was born with a depth of talent far beyond the range of many other artists.

DAVOR’s musical training was traditional: classical followed by pop and jazz, then branching out into film, mood, jazz fusion, ambient, dance, groove, symphonic, contemporary jazz and R&B.

Now adeptly accomplished in all musical genres, DAVOR’s original compositions and arrangements display a rich level of sophistication while remaining simply powerful — yet never powerfully simplistic — and often served with wit and humour, as befitting the artist himself.

DAVOR grew up in Macedonia and has since made Canada his home, though he did spend a few years in Libya when he was a young child. The early impressions of living in a desert culture stayed with him as he grew and studied in his hometown of Skopje, where he was influenced by music from the Balkans and surrounding European regions.

The synthesis of musical cultures has evolved into a unique style of world fusion, which successfully unifies an infinite range of disparate and varied sounds, instruments, arrangements and sensibilities.

DAVOR was elected to represent Macedonia at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm, Sweden as the arranger of the European hit, I LOVE YOU 100% by Macedonian pop stars XXL. That same year, he moved to Toronto where he set up BigBang Music Recording Studios and his own label Davorius Productions. He is also the co-founder of MDScoring Publishing and MDR Music.

Since then, Davor has worked as a composer, arranger and producer for Sony/BMG; Sound Ideas; Westar Music; MDScoring; Soundscape Productions; and BLE Publishing. His music and scores are featured on many radio and TV shows including on CBC, MTV, TVO, OMNI TV and MRTV, Naked News TV.

Wilder Penfield (Toronto Sun), notes: “I save my use of the word "awesome" for very rare occasions, and this is surely one of them.”

DAVOR recently teamed up with music entrepreneur Kathy Hahn to develop a series of solo jazz projects in addition to writing, arranging and producing for other Canadian recording artists.

DAVOR’s original world music is coming of age at the same time as demographics around the world reflect a similar cultural synthesis. As the driving force behind the world fusion ensemble SOUND PORTAL, the music features contemporary arrangements with musicians and instruments from all corners of the globe.


.• Studio Musician for SHANIA TWAIN 2009 release: THE FIRST TIME ... FOR THE LAST TIME (Renaissance Records).
• Arranger, composer, producer, keyboardist, mastering engineer for EYE OF CHARM – Winners of 2007 Aboriginal Music Awards: Best Male Artist — Joe Byrne; Best Rock Album — THE GODDESS MIRA; Best Music Video — FARWELL MACHINE
• Producer MTV TOP 5 – WORLD CHART EXPRESS’ single RED RAIN - performed by DANI
Winner - Grand Prix (Best Song): Inter-Fest 1995; Inter-Fest 1996; Mak-Fest 1999; Mak-Fest 2001; Mak-Fest 2007
Winner - Best Composition: Inter-Fest 1995; Inter-Fest 1996, Mak-Fest 2001
Winner - Best Arranger: Mak-Fest 1996; Mak-Fest 1999; Mak-Fest 2006
• Composer, artist, arranger, producer - Radio active European hit singles BAH, BA-RA and title track, ROADLESS JOURNEY from DAVOR’s original CD, ROADLESS JOURNEY
• 1999 Nomination for Best Arranger and numerous awards at local festivals and competitions in Macedonia